Mathis Municipal Auditorium is located at 2300 North Ashley Street. The complex houses a 1,192 seat auditorium and a 5,000
square foot multi-purpose room. Both spaces are available for rental and can accommodate a variety of events. The
auditorium is the site for local plays, dance performances, choral presentations, popular concerts and public meetings, to
name a few. The space includes theatrical lighting, sound systems, a single purchase counter weight system for flying
curtains and other scenic elements, as well as two large communal and two private dressing rooms.

The multi-purpose room's 5,000 square foot open space has hosted wedding receptions, family reunions, dances and a
myriad of other events. The room is equipped with a warming kitchen, theme lighting, and an integrated sound system
suitable for public address as well as recorded music. Tables and chairs are also included as part of the rental package. For
more information or to reserve an event, call