An old woman who is dying, Amelia VanLandingham, shares a story with her Grandson, Jonathan, who is the Editor of the family
Newspaper. She tells him of her decades-long relationship with Vampire King Ezekiel and Werewolf King Benjamin. For centuries, the
vampires and werewolves have warred, but Amelia helped broker a peace between the two kings. Today, many other vampires and
werewolves are working to renew the feud, even joining forces to conquer the two Kings and their followers. At the realm of the revolt is the
great sorcerer, Arizstid, Amelia's very own brother who has risen from the dead.

Jonathan has no choice but to grant his Grandmother's dying wish, face a Sorcerers' rage, experience a Vampire's Love and witness a
Werewolf's revenge. They came from the past, both good and evil, and have chosen their paths for the future.
The battle for power has begun.   

As the Summer heat settles in on this sleepy southern town, rumors begin to circulate about horrific mutilation murders. Amelia had seen
90 such summers come and go. As family matriarch and owner of the local newspaper, she had enough power and influence to quelch
these stories. She could not however, stop the tempest of evil and destruction that was brewing on the horizon. Two Kings will fall and two
more will take their place.

In the shadows of this quiet little hamlet, a war is brewing, a truce is broken and one of the darkest forces ever to walk the Earth join forces
with his two renegade sons: Thomas and Tiberius. Their goal: to destroy Jonathan who has gained the power of his dying Grandmother
Amelia, and his allies, the new kings: Montavius, King of the Werewolves and Zachariah, King of the Vampires. But an even darker force
will has taken over the realm of evil, CAELAN.

Only Jonathan, Amelia's grandson and heir can unlock the mystery that can save humanity and the good Vampires and Werewolves. A
war is on the rise. It is