A local T.V. talk show host, Drayton Taylor, who dreams of making it big and
finally lands an interview of a lifetime that is sure to gain him national exposure.
The combination of his nervousness and some well-meaning co-workers, who
offer him sedatives among other things to calm his nerves, get the best of
Drayton and this proves disastrous. Needless to say, the interview goes
horribly wrong causing Drayton to lose his job and consequently all his
possessions as news of the interview hits the airwaves. To make matters even
worse, Drayton receives a phone call from an Attorney that his Grandma Sadie,
who lived in Austin, Texas, has passed away and left him a special gift. He flies
off to Austin to pay his final respects and to claim his inheritance. Upon arriving
at what used to be Grandma Sadie's home, he discovers an old abandoned  
Champion RV just sitting there, practically rooted to the ground. Joshua Wright,
a trusted friend of Grandma Sadie, helps Drayton to get the RV running again,
but just barely. During his journey back home to Georgia, the RV breaks down
several times, driving Drayton to meet some oddly remarkable characters.
(Such as:)*Billy, a mechanic with a voice for country music who has never had
the opportunity to pursue his dream of making it big in Nashville;*Savannah
and Aaron who are doing all they can to save the Vineyard.*Sheriff, all 42 inch
tall of him and his sidekick Deputies and the appearances of the GOOD and
BAD Conscience. This film plays on people's admiration and appreciation of
hope, love, and the true meaning of charity. Grandma's Blessings is a funny film
with a feel good theme. So come take the ride with Drayton who gains some
much needed perspective, experiences some earth shattering drama and gets a
little high...on life that is... All courtesy, and with the love of, Grandma's