Filmmakers, Roy Kirkland and Doug Sebastian, owners of RKDS ENTERTAINMENT & MEDIA, LLC,
have written, directed and produced several movies. Filmmaking started for the duo in 2006 when
Kirkland wrote a poem about a breakup. It then turned into a song, then a script. "Before we filmed
And, There You Are, I rarely had a desire to write anything, let alone a script. But I started writing
about the true events in my life and realized how funny it was. So I got with Doug Sebastian and
made a deal with him to buy some updated film equipment. Soon after we made a movie." Kirkland
said. After the film's success, Kirkland and Sebastian tackled a true story and made it into a
documentary titled, A Cross Burning In Willacoochee,The documentary went on to win Best
Documentary at the New York International Film Festival. RKDS recently completed the thriller film
“Crazed,” about two escaped prisoners invading a man’s house and holding him hostage. CRAZED
is definitely not for the faint at heart. Sebastian directed. Kirkland wrote the screenplay.
RKDS is also completing post-production work on their series, “Battle of the Cursed: The Two
Kings.”. It is the story of a fraying truce between vampire and werewolf clans. The continuation
series will soon be filming another 6 episodes. RKDS has also completed the film, “Grandma’s
Blessings,” a comedy about a down-on-his-luck TV personality nerd who receives the promise of a
special gift from his dying grandmother. The movie features an old run down 1960's Champion RV.
The movie, Grandma's Blessings, was written by Kirkland in 2007 but completely re-written in 2012.
In 2016 Roy Kirkland wrote another script titled, SPOOK BRIDGE based on the legend bridge
located in deep Southern Georgia. This film is scheduled for national release. Music Videos, Stage
Productions, Concerts and more films on the way.

TO CONTACT US: RKDSmedia@yahoo.com